My favourite colour is yellow
.... just by the way
... in case you were wondering.

The Handmade Closet was born officially back in 2016, the year I set a personal challenge to create anything  I needed with my own hands.  I spent the year revisiting rusty skills in pattern and dress making… even leather work (but that's another story).  Piece by piece I replaced my clothing with linen items I loved to wear.  What I didn't know at the time was that these garments would become the beginning of the Handmade Closet clothing collection.

Fast forward a dash, and with some friendly encouragement,  a little shop space unexpectedly became home to The Handmade Closet in 2019 in the old Dayboro Butter Factory where the  adventure really took wings. 

Now I spend my days sewing my designs for you, using 100% linen fabrics personally selected for colour compatibility, quality and production sustainability standards. Pure Linen is my fabric of choice and you can learn more about why on my journal pages and in conversations on The Handmade Closet Instagram.


I've always loved old things.  Perhaps it is because I imagine the story they wish they could tell or the romantic notion of the past they travelled through.  Mostly I appreciate the way things were made to last in the good old days !  


I choose to sew for you on rescued and resuscitated vintage Bernina semi-industrial machines who I've given nicknames too (Bernie/Nina/Bernhard).  They are all likely to outlive me!  


My personal sewing machine is a vintage Singer 201K manufactured in the  1950's and sews like the day she was made.


It will therefore come as no surprise that all The Handmade Closet clothing is constructed using traditional techniques, slowly and carefully made with a strong focus on quality rarely seen anymore in commercial garment production.   I stand firmly on the side of slow fashion, of having less and capsule wardrobe dressing,  supporting quality and locally made, mending to extend the life of items that are serving me well. 

What else would you like to know... take a look around .... send me a message... pop on by the instagram and connect with my conversations there.  I hope you'll stick around. 



Old Dayboro Butter Factory

38 Williams Street

Dayboro Queensland Australia 

Thursday 10 - 4

Friday and Saturday 10 - 2

Sunday 10-12

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