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why wear a linen jacket or coat?

Linen has a wonderful reputation for wearability in summer. But... what are your thoughts on wearing linen in winter? Let's talk about that!

Linen truely is a remarkable fibre, and one that has stood the test of time having been used for centuries in many different cultures by folks who embraced its diverse and unique properties.

Here's my list of the benefits for wearing an Everyday Linen Coat or Slouchy Linen Jacket.

  1. Linen is great year round. A natural fibre made from the flax plant that when stripped, threshed spun and woven into a fabric, it is known for letting your skin breathe in summer and insulates by keeping your body heat in, in winter.

  2. As a fibre/fabric it is strong, durable and resilient. In fact it is the world's strongest natural fibre and is far more durable than cotton. Linen clothes will last many years, and get better as they age. That is a particularly practical and attractive feature for an outer wear garment. Investing in a good everyday linen coat means you'll likely have a lifetime of wear from it.

  3. Once upon a time linen was considered a fabric to clothe the elite members of society. The priests, knights and monarchs. Around the 16th century when cultivation of flax became more widespread linen became more readily available but was still considered a luxury fibre. It carries that reputation with it today. Linen is always in style. There is a timelessness with linen that is hard to surpass.

  4. The naturally textured and slight sheen nature of linen fabric means it immediately feels comfortable when you put it on. Linen has a long held reputation to uphold, one that my linen garments have proven to me time over, and that is that it will get better with wearing, without doubt. Break it in! Make is yours! Wear it everywhere the same way you would the comfiest pair of leather shoes you can imagine wearing. The linen fibre has a wonderful way of behaving however you tell it to behave. It won't be like your children! It will remember what you tell it to do/be and hold its shape, even after washing time and time again. I couldn't think of having a coat in any other fabric now. Linen surrounds you and your body it just the right way, folding and moulding to suit.

  5. Linen Jackets and long coats look luxurious, dare I suggest even glamorous. Adding a linen coat or jacket to your wardrobe selections invites luxury and elegance to come on in. One long linen coat and your outfit silhouette is easily ready to accessorise with those extra winter accessories like scarves, shawls, tights and boots

  6. Wearing multiple layers of linen creates breathable air cells that warm and insulate while they breathe. Ever felt sweaty in a synthetic coat in winter? What is that! When wearing linen layers, the layer closest to the body with be the moisture wicking one. I choose to wear our linen chemise or a light weight linen Everyday Tee or the Linen Slip Dress. Adding a top, blouse or Serenity dress next with the Slouchy Linen Jacket or Everyday Linen Coat as the last layer. The finishing touch on the extra cold windy days is a lush linen scarf, which I wear wrapped snuggly around the neck and chest.

  7. Not all linens are the same. Did you know linen comes in different weights, is woven in many different ways and comes in every colour, or combination of colours, in the rainbow. Therefore there is a never ending variety of choice of fabrics for your Linen Coat. It could be you choose a pop of colour for your outer layer, or perhaps a textured or yarn dyed patterned linen. The heavyweight linens make a long coat that hugs, and the lightweight linens make for a breezy floaty jacket. Perhaps you'd like a pattern or textured tow yarn linen for your coat. The options are endless. Your outfit could have the coat in a pop of colour with neutral under layers, or vice versa, with the neutral coat and the pops of colour underneath.

So why a linen Jacket or coat. With these 7 good reasons for an Everyday Linen Coat, I have to ask "Why not?!"

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