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The Everyday Linen Coat invites that touch of comfortable luxury and elegance to your outfit silhouette.  The long line looks luxurious! Let's imagine even glamorous.   Linen has that casual elegance and texture to bring to your wardrobe.  Easily accessorised with scarves, shoes, boots and jewellery.  Your coat will become you, moving with a delicate swish, that is both subtle and striking.  

*The very special feature pocket is possibly the most generous pocket you can imagine, and it sits tucked into the side line so as to be useful without getting in the way.  

*The full bold back pleat adds the timeless element we love here.  Each coat has its own unique detail stitching done individually by hand at the time of production, is the extra love we like to stitch into them for you. 

*Roll the sleeve up or down.

* Cosy up the waterfall collar to keep the air from your neck or fold it back down depending on preference.  

*This coat could be belted if having your chest covered is important to you - belt ties available at the time of ordering


This coat measures approximately 105cm from the nape of the neck to the back hemline.  The front lapel measures approximately 95cms.


Each Everyday Linen Coat is individually custom crafted especially for you in Dayboro Queensland Australia.  Should you need your purchase includes a bespoke customisation appointment ( by phone/email or in store).  


This coat is 100% pure linen ehtically sources and checked to meet environmentally friendly manufacturing standards for human and ecological safety in sound production facilities. 


Each one is traitionally stitched using enclosed "french" seams, on vintage industrial machines we rescued and restored for a quality finish and useful long life.  You'll find the inside is as beautiful as the outside, and constructed for longevitity. 



At the time of ordering please select a colour, and let us know your regular size and height so we can make your garment for the best possible fit.  Should you require a customisation call back to discuss your preferences leave us a note and Bronwyn will give you a call back. 


The custom colour option is available here for you to choose from one of our specialty fabric options seen on our socials, or in store, and not listed here. 




Everyday Linen Coat - midi - made to order

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