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The Handmade Closet makes careful choices, based on the information available, to take care of the people we interact with, and the environments in which we live.  We are concerned about our impact and as such focus on gentle sustainable production practices, and a light environmental footprint.  Linen fabric has been chosen for its proven and longstanding environmentally friendly growth and production.  We research and consider how the fabric is manufactured and dyed and rely on the international OEKO textile standards certification and the transparency of our fabric suppliers on these subjects.   As much as possible,  plastics and synthetic materials are avoided.  


Recycling and repurposing vintage haberdashery is chosen over purchasing new when practical.  Haberdashery items are chosen after careful consideration, and as much as possible are made from natural products and locally sourced if available.

Nothing other than natural products are used in the studio and shop environments for cleaning and sanitising.  Chemicals are discouraged and actively avoided.  


We take the concerns on waste very seriously.  We design clothing from the ground up to be low to zero waste.  Fabric scraps big enough for a useful purpose are collected and repurposed.  Being a natural fibre, small linen trimmings are returned to the earth to decompose naturally. When your clothing leaves our shop it is packaged wrapped in brown paper without the use of unnecessary tape and tied with linen fabric scraps.   


We make every effort to listen to our customers, respect their privacy and to be continually open-minded to personal choices without judgement.  We acknowledge the traditional custodians and heritage of the land on which we live and work.

As a small local business focused on our community and on the slow production of clothing for a purpose The Handmade Closet is having a positive impact.    We promise to continually monitor our practices and make improvements as we are made aware of the options available to us to move further towards this purpose. 

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