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Your linen clothing has been designed for everyday washing and wearing.  Each item is stitched carefully on vintage machines using traditional french (enclosed) seams and hand stitched finishes for durability and long life when treated well.



Dry wash by airing between wears until garment is obviously dirty. 

You may Machine wash on cold or up to 30degrees.    Hand washing will extend the life of your clothing. 



Linen is a wash and wear fabric.  Simply smooth out any folds or obvious creases by hand after washing and hang on clothes hangers to dry naturally indoors or undercover.  



Embrace the crinkly wrinkles, ironing is best avoided to enhance the natural sheen and texture of the fabric.



Linen fibres are less likely to absorb the usual culprits for staining.  Should potential spills occur immediately sponge with cold water and launder as soon as possible after.  For oily stains use a stain removal stick to treat the area before washing.

Stitched carefully on vintage machines with love using traditional french (enclosed) seams for durability and long life when treated well.


We encourage mending should your garment be damaged during its lifetime.  Securing split seams immediately by hand or machine is recommended when required.  Visible mending with a creatively stitched patch on  worn or torn areas will add a loved and lived in look and allow you many more happy character filled day/years of  wearability.  Think of mending as the story of your clothing.


Please consider repurposing your worn linen garment.  Is it suitable for wearing as bedtime attire?  Can a worn area be replaced by mending?  Would it be suitable to cut your garment up into kitchen cloths or chair cushions. Linen is a natural fibre and will appreciate being returned to the earth to de-compose under mulch in the garden.  

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