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Creating a personal clothing collection that works for you

Updated: Apr 25

Imagine owning clothing that fits you like a dream, reflects your individual style and celebrates you and your body's unique shape. With our customisation options, that dream becomes your reality.

At The Handmade Closet, we believe that clothing should be as unique as the individuals who wear them. That's why we're thrilled to offer you options, giving you the opportunity to order personalised garments made with your preferences in mind.

📏 Customized Measurements: Say goodbye to ill-fitting garments. We will ask for your regular size and height, requesting more specific measurements as required and be interested in discussing preferences with you to ensure a fit you will feel fabulous in. We solved many a fit problem through these conversations, much to the delight of our customers.

🎨 Curated Fabric Selections: Choose from our range of certified environmentally friendly 100% linen fabrics. From timeless neutrals to patterns, we give you the opportunity to find the fabric that resonates with your style and personality. We source high-quality fabrics from manufacturers where their ethical standards are front and centre. Fabrics that not only look and have quality you can feel but also align with our commitment to sustainability.

✂️ Design Details: It's the little things that make a garment truly yours. After selecting your fabric combinations, the next step is to let us know your preferences for sleeve finish, neckline finish, and hem length. Choose the buttons, or our detail stitching to add bespoke touches that personalises your garment especially for you.

By opting to shop with us, you'll experience a slow clothing mindset, where timeless designs and your customisations let us create clothing that speaks to your individuality. An added bonus is you will be contributing to a more sustainable fashion future, that in kinder to people and our planet. We believe when you have spent time thinking through the options, and have waited for a garment to be made for you that is just right, you will more likely wear that item of clothing many times, over a longer period of time.  By making conscious consumption choices you contribute to reducing waste, which is what motives us to craft each garment on-demand, eliminating excess inventory that might never find the right person.

We’ve been working with our customers for several years now helping them to bring their dream wardrobes to life, and we would love to do the same for you.

Are you ready to invest in feeling fabulous, embracing the joy of wearing clothing that's made well and exclusively for you. Not sure where or how to start, send us an email to have a customisation call back, drop into the shop, book an appointment or participate in our Wardrobe conversation workshop. We are here to help.

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