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Welcome - I look forward to making your clothing.

Next available order production space is in the week of 21 - 25 August


Ethical Australian Made Linen Clothing D


100% Linen

Linen Clothing

to be loved and lived in

At The Handmade Closet, your clothing is carefully crafted to order, one at a time,

using traditional tailoring methods on rescued vintage machines

in "The "Stitchery" atelier in Dayboro, Queensland, Australia.

Bronwyn designs clothing for comfortable everyday wearability, and creates each  garment for you, from the personally curated range of quality, ethically sourced 

100%  linen fabrics.


Visit The Handmade Closet shop in Dayboro to see the full range of designs and the beautiful hand curated range of 100% linen fabrics.  At the shop front, nestled inside the walls of The Churn Room, you'll discover a unique and charming shopping experience reminiscent of yesteryear, where you can explore what it means to shop for clothing that is designed for purpose, direct with the maker. 


Arrange a personal fitting consultation by booking an appointment with Bronwyn (available on Friday and Saturday) or request a phone/online call back if getting to the shop isn't possible.


Bronwyn also offers Wardrobe Conversation Consultations in a 2 hr workshop to help guide you through the steps involved in mindful shopping of your clothing, guiding you to develop a conscious effort that considers the environmental impact, and sustainability

of your clothing choices.

The Handmade Closet shop is a stockist for Duckfeet shoes. 

- Around here our hearts sing -


The Handmade Closet shop bespoke linen clothing custom made Brisbane Dayboro-10.jpg




Mandy, Charlemont, Vic

 I’ve just received my order and opening alone was delightful, so much care and attention to detail and our wonderful environment. 

Thank you so very much for providing such an exceptional experience through the post.

Samantha, Ma Ma Creek, Qld

Oh gosh. What a wonderful shopping experience it was. Your communication was exceptional, shorts stitched to perfection with gorgeous fabric and packaged so beautifully. They’ve fast become a staple in my wardrobe and I can’t wait to wear them more as the days heat up. I’m looking forward to adding more of your lovely pieces to my collection very soon. 

thank you again,

Jo, Brisbane, Qld

thank you!!! 

I so love your garments…. They are truly beautiful and beautiful to wear. I’m so grateful i found you!

Sustainability Statement

The Handmade Closet’s foundation of sustainability was in focus from the beginning. In essence, it began as a personal revolt against consumerism and the continuous hunt for more. The ‘year of making whatever I needed’, using the resources I already had available to me, fuelled a personal refocusing on what was really necessary, reducing accumulated materials or collected “stuff”, and the development of a refreshed set of behaviours around what was essential everyday living requirements. Shelter, sustenance, clothing. 


Sustainability to me is based on a wholistic mindful approach to living, where considered choices are made based on purpose, with the least amount of negative environmental impact, during and at the end of an items life. Sustainability is a circular process. It’s taken time to make the changes, to develop new patterns of behaviour and the journey continues with further education and knowledge. 


At The Handmade Closet we stand for #keepingclothingsimple and made to order clothing. We actively encourage mindful choices, made to fulfill everyday purposes and a less-is-more approach to dressing. We actively educate and exchange information with customers through our Wardrobe conversation workshops and in engaged interactions at the shop and with our social media platforms. We make garments one at a time, in an environment which is happy and healthy, and where we aim to keep stress at the minimum. We take our time to stitch garments well, using traditional techniques designed to make a garment last for many many years when looked after well. 


We seek natural pure linen fabrics manufactured where GOTS and OEKO textile standards are awarded and buy only what is needed in small quantities. We design practical clothing, and pattern make to reduce fabric waste at every stage of production. We choose to cut each garment individually, with customers measurements in mind to ensure the quality of how the garment fits on the body it was made for. We manufacture all clothing on rescued industrial sewing machines that can easily be repaired and which were built to last several lifetimes. We cut with scissors that have been hand forged by a team of skilled craftsman and designed to last beyond our lifetimes. Our pins have glass heads, and as much as possible our equipment is vintage finds or when new, as plastic free as we can find. We are transitioning to eco friendly biodegradable elastic as it has become more available. Our buttons are repurposed vintage from collections, or when new is required we offer buttons made from natural materials. Our waste is repurposed, recycled or returned to the earth to decompose. 


We implement business practices that safe guard the well being of the humans involved with it, and value the importance of that above all else. We will continuously strive to meet with expectations but not at the expense of kindness and compassion. 


Would you like to know more? Do you have information or feedback you could share to help us on our sustainability journey as clothiers? We are sure there is more we can do, and we are committed to embracing the opportunity to do so. 

Acknowledgement of country

Galang meng.  

We acknowledge with respect the values, all places (sacred and otherwise), resources, generational stories, cultural obligations and

ancestral domains of the traditional indigenous custodians

of the area this business resides on as

the Turrbal and Yugara people.

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