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Must Have Basic Items - Summer Wardrobe

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I define my wardrobe basics as those go to pieces I reach for all the time. The ones that serve me well for the everyday activities I generally find myself doing. You know! The ones we feel good in, that fit well and are comfortable.

First of all I'm generally a pants and top kinda gal. So a good pair or three of bottoms with three to four tops is high on the basics list of essentials. Depending on the seasons the bottoms could be shorts or pants, and the tops could be sleeved or sleeveless. .

“I was tired of seeing clothing I didn't love everyday.”

I also like to have a go to seasonal dress or two and one Whimsy skirt for those times I wish to dress up a little or feel just a little more dressed for a special occasion.

Capsule Wardrobe Dressing

I'm a fan of a good quality capsule wardrobe. It has been my preferred way to dress for well over 5 years now. I was tired of seeing clothing I didn't love everyday. Clothing that was either not serving me anymore or that never really ever did, or that might have served me only once in a while.

Here is my Summer wardrobe basics: One pair of Everyday Shorts in a neutral; one pair of neutral Cuffed Shorts (I can dress them up with cute #duckfeetshoes ); One pair of Wide Leg Culottes in a pop of colour; Two Gypsy Tops in neutrals; One Everyday Relaxed Tee in a neutral; One Bow Tie Swing Top in a pop of colour; always a Clara Wrap Dress and a Gypsy Button up dress both in a neutral and the afore mentioned Whimsy Skirt. Those are my go to 10 basics for easy Summer dressing. While this selection serves me well, you might need to change up the items to suit your everyday activities. I'd love to know how you go...

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