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What changed my clothing choices forever

Back when I first decided it was time to tackle my wardrobe, and to make some sense out of the random collection of clothes I had accumulated, I wasn't really sure where to start. It wasn't that I had an excessive amount of clothes, it was more that what I did have wasn’t a good match for what I needed everyday. I'm not really sure where it all got out of control, but I know that it collided with a major re-evalution of what I wanted to be doing with my life.

"It took some time to gather up the courage to tackle my clothing."

I had a significant few road-blocks to get past first. When the moment was right, I pulled everything out and piled my entire wardrobe of clothes up on my bed... Marie Kondo style. It took most of the day to work through each piece. What went back into the wardrobe, was the pieces I half liked (at the time). Everything else went into a box, which eventually was donated.

But ...this collection of clothing wasn't working for me, and the realisation of that fact was a slow one. I didn't know it at the time but I was still missing a piece of the wardrobe puzzle. In the morning I’d often stand looking at my clothing and not be able to choose something I wanted to wear. It came down to just putting something on because that was what I had that sort of worked. I often didn't feel comfortable. After getting dressed I was having these crazy silent conversations with myself about how I should go shopping, or loose weight or exercise more, or see a wardrobe stylist or some such other thing I didn't have time or money to do. Nothing coordinated with anything... and I literally, had nothing I wanted to wear, but my wardrobe was full of clothes. It was stressful... and I started my day like it every day. I honestly didn’t know how to deal with it.

Then randomly (like someone out there knew I needed the information) I was recommended to read a blog post by Anuschka Rees. That post seriously changed my wardrobe life ... forever! Her tips on building a capsule wardrobe resonated with me then and they still do now, they are brilliant! You've got to go read it for yourself! Seriously, if you are struggling with the clothes you have, do yourself a favour. I took her formula and used it to guide my new wardrobe make-over.

"The two things I loved most were Anuschka's ideas of thinking about what you do day to day (function) and deciding on a silhouette (form)."

Comfort and ease of movement was on my priority list for my day to day activities. The silhouette I decided on was relaxed and roomy. I call it my aesthetic. These are the two key strategies I was missing.

When I look into my wardrobe now it is minimalist in comparison. I see simple comfortable pieces that I want to wear everyday. Most can be dressed up or down with accessories. It isn't stressful anymore. I don't have crazy silent conversations with myself that drag me down. I start my day feeling great. I no longer fear an invitation to go out. Everything in my collection is 'just right' and with options. Gotta love options, right!

"What I didn't imagine was that this personal journey would lead me to here, where I am telling you about it. "
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